The Way of the Martial Arts


This program is for all ages: 3 years and older

Urban Warrior Martial Arts Club or UWMA view martial arts training and personal development as a necessary component of self-mastery. Under our instruction of Moo Sool Do [ the way of the martial arts] a martial discipline created by Grandmaster Sun Hwan Chung that fuses Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do Karate, and Hapkido into one art, The Metro Detroit Urban Warrior Martial Art Program teaches its members not only the fundamental components of traditional Korean Martial Arts, modern tactical self-defense but also the following:

– Self discipline

– Meditation/Meditative movement

– Martial arts fitness conditioning

– Personal awareness and Conflict De-escalation

– Evasive, defensive, and offensive techniques 

In-person Instruction will run in accordance with the CDC Safety Guidelines. Zoom Classes Coming soon!

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