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The Metro Detroit Urban Warriors Martial Arts Fitness Club view training and personal development a necessary component of self mastery. We engage our limitations and the struggle for personal growth with the focus and resolve of a warrior in a modern context. This is why we refer to ourselves as urban warriors. As Instructors, we lead our members into battle against what every obstacles we may face, embracing change and challenge along the way.  We are the war drum that sets the pace, the battle cry that pushes our members to keep striving even when they have nothing left.  The Urban Warrior believes in challenging oneself, and over-stands that purposeful results can only be purchased with nothing less than 200% effort. Our goal is to unlock the potential that naturally exists within all of us. Once an individual has learned how to dig deep within to overcome, that knowledge, that ability can be applied to any and every aspect of your life. Helping our members achieve this form of self mastery is our primary objective.



Jo Raven Demonbreun








As a certified black Belt instructor specialized in Korean martial arts, and as a Michigan Cup Open Martial Arts Competition Grand Champion, I believe in self-actualization. I incorporate all my knowledge in promoting the most effective training  environment, utilizing a multifaceted approach towards fitness, sport, and martial arts conditioning. I specialize in a ballistic functional fitness training style focusing on flexibility, balance, agility, and endurance utilizing the bodies natural range of motion and weight. As a graduate of Wayne State University with a concentration in Occupational therapy and an associate degree in Health Science I place a sincere appreciation on helping others live happier and healthier lives without complication. I deeply  believe that self mastery is the key to personal development and that the principals of Moo Sool Do can be applied to many area’s one’s life.

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Francoise Ceane











I am a certified black belt instructor specializing in Korean martial arts and modern hand to hand combat and close quarter combat. I have competed in several Michigan Cup Open Martial Arts Tournaments placing Gold in forms and Women’s Sparring. I believe one should always follow their passions in life, martial arts is my passion. I have come to realize my potential as a practitioner and as an instructor through the principals of Moo Sool Do. I ventured into martial arts through our cardio kickboxing program. I was drawn to the physical challenge and the emotional drive that high intensity training provides. With over 10 years of cardio kickboxing fitness training, I use that knowledge to create a whirlwind of fitness activities designed to develop and encourage without sacrificing the fun in fitness training.



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