Metro Detroit Urban Warrior Martial Arts Fitness Club [UWMA] believes in challenging oneself mentally, spiritually, and Physically to overcome obstacles, and over-stands that purposeful change can only be purchased with nothing less than 200% effort. Our goal is to unlock the potential that naturally exists within all of us. Helping our members achieve this form of self-mastery is our primary objective.

Jo Raven Demonbreun

As a graduate of Wayne State University with a concentration in Occupational therapy and an Associate Degree in Health Science, I place a sincere appreciation on helping others live happier and healthier lives without complication. As a certified Korean martial artist, I am dedicated to self-mastery. I incorporate all my knowledge in my training and utilize a multifaceted approach toward fitness training and martial arts conditioning. I specialize in dynamic functional fitness training, which is a ballistic fitness training style focusing on flexibility, balance, muscle endurance, and strength using the body’s natural range of motion. I deeply believe that self-mastery is the key to personal development and that the principles of Moo Sool Do can be applied to many areas of one’s life.

Francoise Ceane

I am a certified black belt instructor specializing in Korean martial arts (Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, and Hapkido), hand-to-hand combat, and close-quarter combat. I was trained by Grandmaster Brian Pontillo and help develop Sidekick’s Martial Arts Studio’s small children’s program. I have competed in several Michigan Cup Open Martial Arts Tournaments placing Gold in forms and Women’s Sparring. I believe one should always follow their passions in life, martial arts is my passion. I have come to realize my potential as a practitioner and as an instructor through the principles of Moo Sool Do. I ventured into martial arts through our cardio kickboxing program. I was drawn to the physical challenge and the emotional drive that high-intensity training provides. With over 10 years of cardio kickboxing fitness training, I use that knowledge to create a whirlwind of fitness activities designed to develop and encourage without sacrificing fitness training fun.